Cecelia Burokas

I live in a home full of smart, charming and demanding parrots. When I'm not playing with them, writing about them or watching parrot videos online, I'm busy teaching undergrad and grad students, helping nonprofits create strategic plans, and coaching people to find and do work that is challenging and satisfying. I also design and make silver, copper and beaded jewelry, bicycle around town, and read incessantly. Along the way, I've published a few professional articles, essays, and poems.

Right now I am putting the finishing touches on a collection of connected stories that span four decades. Although Kiwi (see above) is not as interested in this as when I'm writing about birds, he continues to supervise from my shoulder.

I have an MAT degree and in other lives have taught high school English, written corporate communications, headed up a learning and development department, and toiled globally with a consulting firm.