What is WOW! Press?

We are a publishing collective of seasoned women writers. We believe there is an audience for fiction and nonfiction that springs from the experiences and perspectives of women who have led varied, fulfilling, and adventurous lives—and who continue to push their limits as people and as writers. We live and work in the Chicago area, but concern ourselves with the broader worlds and lives around us.

What we value

  • Really good writing.

  • What is lasting, not just what is popular at this moment.

  • Taking action—getting our voices out there.

What We Do

We publish a broad range of work in many formats.  

Our first book was an historical novel set in 1st century CE Galilee. Our second book is a novella set in an asylum with Vincent Van Gogh in 19th century France. Our third publication is a pair of personal essays about birds, family, and the dynamics of dependency. In 2019, we plan to publish a collection of connected short stories as well as a coming-of-age novel about a contemporary musical prodigy.