Janice Tubergen  


My first job was writing for a newspaper—who, what, when, where, how and why—the basic elements of every story, fiction or non-fiction.  As an academic reference librarian, I helped others in their pursuit of information.  As an astrologer, I use the energy of the universe to try to make sense of this world.  As a novelist, I find my characters are always way ahead of me at figuring things out.  In Odette’s Key to Harmonic Convergence a musical prodigy wants to share her hard-won answers to some cosmic questions with all of us—and maybe Odette is onto something.

Dogs, horses, family and more family—when it reaches cyclone force, I do my writing in the attic of my old Victorian.  It’s probably not as practical as Anne’s laundry room.  In the attic the cycling and recycling are all just in my head.