Anne McGivern

I got into the habit of writing in my laundry room when I still had a houseful of kids because it was clean, light-filled, and private. No one thought to look for me there! I wrote most of Danya in that room. Over the years the house gradually cleared out and other writing spaces became available, but I was comfortable in my laundry room. How appropriate that space was, I figured, for the creation of a novel about a woman struggling to lead a meaningful life beyond the confines of the domestic sphere to which society had assigned her.

When I’m not writing or doing laundry, I enjoy travel, volunteer work, the theater, outdoor play (kayaking, biking, golfing, and cross country skiing), and time with friends and family.

I have Master’s degrees in English and in communicative disorders and have taught in both middle school and special education settings. I am the co-author of two non-fiction books in the field of teaching language to developmentally disabled children. Danya is my first novel.